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  • Incorrectly installed felt tray following new plastic facias, allowing rain to penetrate through roof tiles and into the wall. width:400;;height:300
  • Inadequately built roof structure causing major sagging to main structural roof timbers. width:400;;height:300
  • DIY roof support installed into chimney which has failed spectacularly. width:400;;height:300
  • DIY roof support which has failed spectacularly width:400;;height:300
  • Rotten roof timber caused by leaking chimney. width:400;;height:300
  • Wasp nest found under the eaves of a roof. width:400;;height:300
  • Rotten window cill caused by defective guttering. width:400;;height:300
  • Rotten valley gutter support caused by defective lead lining to valley. width:400;;height:300
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